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The Effect of Pentaerithrityl-Tetranitrate on Parameters of The Microcirculation.


AIM OF THE STUDY: The effect of organic nitrates on microcirculation was first studied in 1964 and with regard to glyceroltrinitrate (GTN) an "internal hemodilution" (i.e. a fluid shift from the extravascular fluid to the intravascular compartment) was observed. Therefore, we found it of interest to study the effects of the long-acting PETN on parameters of hemorrheology.

Abnormal Rheologic Effects of Glyceryl Trinitrate in Patients With Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus and Reversal by Antioxidants.


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate 1) the hemorrheologic and hemodynamic effects of glyceryl trinitrate in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and 2) the influence of antioxidants on these effects.

DESIGN: Case-control study.

SETTING: University hospital clinic.

PATIENTS: 40 patients with diabetes and no evidence of cardiovascular complications and 40 controls matched for demographic variables and body habitus.

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