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Relationship Between Cold Temperature and Cardiovascular Mortality

With Assessment of Effect Modification by Individual Characteristics: Ibaraki Prefectural Health Study

A recently published study by Atsumi et al., acknowledging that cold temperature contributes to cardiovascular mortatlity, investigated demographics at highest risk of cold temperature-related cardiovascular deaths.  The study identified 3,593 people in Japan who died of cardiovascular disease over a 9.7 (± 4.0) year period.  Tracking meteorological data, the researchers were able to identify cardiovascular mortality during colder ambient temperatures.  In addition to finding increased odds of cardiovascular related deaths on cold days, results of this study suggested that younger people and those with hi blood sugar  in a Japanese population were more susceptible to cold temperature.


Atsumi A, Ueda K, Irie F, et al. Relationship between cold temperature and cardiovascular mortality, with assessment of effect modification by individual characteristics: Ibaraki Prefectural Health Study. Circ J. 2013;77(7):1854-1861.


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